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Our Dogs


Our dogs are part of our family.  Each of our dogs go running at our local lakes each week and go on field trips to Poudre Canyon for hiking and snowshoeing.  The Goldens especially love to dash ahead during bike rides, while our Berners prefer to jog along behind us.  Not to be left out, Misha is happy to frolic with the rest, but enjoys her privileged place as the house dog.  To have the best and happiest puppies, we must start with the best and happiest well loved dogs.

Onyx - AKC Bernese Mountain Dog


Onyx is our beautiful Mama Bernese Mountain Dog.  Onyx loves hiking with her humans and romping in the snow during snowshoeing trips.  When not enjoying the Colorado outdoors, Onyx likes nothing more than resting her head in a lap and soaking up the love, or acting as a pillow while she listens to a story.  Onyx is a loving Mama to all her pups and teaches them all they need to know before they go home.


Onyx was born October 1, 2018.

Oasis AKC Golden Retriever


Oasis is our intelligent queen Golden Retriever.  Oasis was born of hunting stock, and while we don’t hunt ourselves, Oasis can follow a scent to any little crevice. Oasis thrives in the outdoors.  She will swim across lakes to join a flock of geese, or follow a leaf in the wind. Oasis is a wonderful Mama to her pups and will take great care of them until they go home.


Oasis was born December 20, 2018.

Kai - AKC Bernese Mountain Dog


Kai is our gorgeous Papa Bernese Mountain Dog.  Kai is a bundle of love and wiggles.  Kai loves a good belly rub or roll in the leaves.  He has an endless supply of goofy and animated expressions , which don’t always make for distinguished portraits, but we’ll take Kai’s heart of gold and playful spirit over prim and proper.


Kai was born September 12, 2019.

Misha - Standard Poodle


Misha is our lucky poodle.  Misha was re-homed to us in July 2021 as her family was unable to care for her.  We are so grateful to have this wonderful dog in our lives.  Misha is a friendly, well-behaved and intelligent dog who loves playing with her puppies and cuddling with her humans. 


Misha was born December 27, 2019.

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