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Golden Mountain Farm, Fort Collins, CO, 970-237-6817


1.  Do you have any puppies available?

         Answer: See "Puppies" tab.

2.  How much do the puppies cost?


             Bernese Mtn Dogs: $3500

             Golden Mtn Dogs: $3000

             Bernedoodles: $2000

3.  How much is the deposit?

          Answer: $500

4.  Is the deposit refundable?

          Answer: No.

5.  How long is the Waitlist?

          Answer:  Call or email me as it is ever evolving.

6.  Can I specify the gender I want?

          Answer: Yes, but you are not guaranteed to get that gender.

7.  Can I get a tri-colored Golden Mountain Dog/Bernedoodle?

          Answer: Maybe.  You are not guaranteed a tri-colored puppy unless you are adopting a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog.

8.  Can I come visit the property prior to placing a deposit/picking up my puppy?

          Answer: No. There would be far too much foot traffic which endangers the puppies through the introduction of various illnesses.  We cannot risk parvovirus infecting our puppies.  Please see pictures on Instagram, Facebook and the blog.

9.  Can I get a refund if I decide not to get a puppy, I can't keep the puppy, I don't want the puppy.

         Answer: No.  If you can't keep the puppy or dog for any reason, you are required to return the puppy here and there are NO refunds. 

10.  Are the parent dogs genetically tested?

         Answer: Yes.  The parent dogs are tested and clear of common genetic disorders for their breeds.

11.  Is the health of the puppy guaranteed?

       Answer: Yes.  Your puppy comes with a one-year health warranty for all life threatening congenital health defects.  

12.  What vaccines do the puppies receive?

       Answer: Your puppy will have received his/her first round of parvovirus, parainfluenza, canine distemper and Adenovirus 1 & 2.

13.   Do you ship the puppies if I'm out of state?

       Answer: No.  I am happy to meet you at the Denver International Airport for a transportation fee, however, I do not ship puppies.  The puppies do very well as carry-on with their new owners.

Golden Mountain Farm, Fort Collins, CO, 970-237-6817

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